Carbonless Reels


We produce carbonless paper in REELS in various sizes, grades and color-depending upon the customer requirements.

The standard sizes we produce are:-

  • 24 CM
  • 25CM
  • 48 CM
  • 50 CM

We also produce any combination of sizes, to order, as per customer requirements.

The standard grades we produce are:-

  • CB : 50 – 60 GSM & also 70,80,90 GSM
  • CFB : 50,52,55 GSM
  • CF : 50,52,55 GSM

Reels Packing

  • Reels are wrapped with corrugated carton & again wrapped with kraft
  • Each reels are kept on wooden pallet one upon another &labelised
  • Reels pallet are then shrink wrapped to provide strength & avoid humidity interference

Our packaging and handling are of the highest international standard.

At Al Burhan we take our packaging almost as seriously as the quality of the products we manufacture.

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